27 October 2014



With so many interruptions last week, my creative work had to be shelved....I won't go into to detail, suffice to say that Life gets in the way and one's passion takes a back burner.
Even this morning, I was ready to roll and...but, alas, it wasn't meant to be until later in the morning that I was able to finally get my groove on. 
I quite fancy working with texture paste and well, just about any texture to create mixed mediums. This is one of my creations which I begun today, not sure yet what I'm calling it:

And while the texture paste was out and the above one was drying, I thought that I'd start on a project which I learnt at a Tina Schulling Workshop at Itz van Allez, African Sunset

Lets hope that tomorrow allows me the opportunity to continue on my journey of creativity. 

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