21 January 2016



As Elephants seem to be the trending theme for Nursery Rooms, I decided to create a trio of canvas' for a Baby Shower Gift.

Step 1:  Find some inspiration from the Internet and then use the Silhouette Cameo to produce your own stencils for the project as seen in Image 1. Prepare the wooden canvas with a base coat. I usually use white and then sand for a smooth finish.

Step 2:  Paint your canvas the desired colour.  I chose a limited palette of Violets, Green, White, Grey and Pink. Use a spray mount adhesive (re-positional) to stick your stencil in place. This will prevent it from moving, whilst you are painting and using the texture paste.

Step 3: Ensure that you mark your stencil the right way up. Spread the acrylic texture paste as thickly as desired.  A palette knife works well for this. Allow the texture paste to dry ever so slightly before removing the stencil. Remember to soak your stencil immediately after use otherwise it will be difficult to reuse with texture paste stuck on it. Continue preparing your other canvas' in the same way. 

Step 4:  Placing the stencil back over the dried texture paste will allow you to easily paint the now raised image from your stencil and texture paste.

Step 5: Even though the texture paste is white, I still painted the texture paste wording white as this  helps to seal it and provides a neater finish. 

Step 6: For the elephants I used a coarse texture paste. However, I would suggest not covering the part where you want to add additional texture on top of an already set texture paste as it will make it rather lumpy. (As seen on the elephant on the left, bottom image).

Step 7:  Complete your canvas' with the finer details to finish them off.  Allow the paint to completely dry (you can use a hairdryer to speed-up the process, if you are as impatient as I am to view the completed project).  Lastly, and most importantly to preserve your master-piece, remember to seal the whole canvas, sides included with a few coats of varnish (each coat in a different direction).

The Gift is now ready to be presented and enjoyed.