27 May 2015



I purchased my very own Ryobi Mini Tool, similar to the Dremel Mini Tool and I can't wait to start using it.

If you are a keen crafter, as I am and maybe a bit of a perfectionist, then this tool will help you create beautiful projects. I won't have to stand for hours with sandpaper sanding away rough edges. Now, I'll just be able to whip out my Ryobi Mini Tool and in no time, I'll have that perfectly sanded smooth edge.  I'll be able to engrave, grind, cut and polish glass, stones, wood, metal, etc. 

The Ryobi Mini Tool will allow me complete versatility as it has a flexible shaft which is quick and easy to assemble and all the accessories fit it. 

The Ryobi Mini Tool's speed is adjustable from 0-30'000 r/min depending on the required speed for the material and accessory being used.

The Kit comes with 40 pieces of accessories in a carry case as seen above, weighing in under 1 kg.

  • Don't forget about wearing safety glasses, earplugs and a dust mask. Rather safe than sorry!
  • If it makes a grinding noise, check the carbon brushes and replace, if necessary.
  • Let it work for you, don't force it.
  • Don't put your hands over the air vents, needs them to cool down.
  • Wipe it clean with a dry cloth only and keep it free of dust.
  • Use an outdoor extension cord and don't work in the wet or near flammable liquids.
  • Ensure that it is Switched Off before plugging in.
  • Use the correct accessory for the project.
  • Using clamps to secure your work, will free your hands to operate the tool.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
Below is a complete list of all the accessories available for just about any crafters project. 

Need some inspiration? Pop on over to The Art Of Creativity 2's Creativity Pinterest Page and start that project that you have been waiting to create.

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