3 November 2016



My DH and I were the fortunate winners of the Annual Reach for a Dream Gala Event raffle prize last year where we won a 3 night stay at the Good Hope Farm and Guest Cottages situated at the base of the Riviersonderend Mountains, close to Robertson.

Scenic Beauty at Good Hope Farm and Guest Cottages

As my DH has only been back to South Africa twice this year, we needed some alone time and what a perfect opportunity this was for us to unplug from all mobile devices and to unwind at this beautiful location.

Packed with our supplies we set off on a scenic 3 hour trip from Cape Town to revel in some quiet time. We were welcomed by Taryn and her dog, Seun, who soon took up residence on our patio. We unpacked and went for a stroll around the working wine and olive farm where Seun joined us on all of our walks. He would soon blast off into the distance to only come back and egg us on to keep up with him.

Dogs, Lambs and Goats Roam Freely at Good Hope Farm and Guest Cottages

We certainly welcomed the lack of distractions from our electronic devices and never a dull moment was had as we observed the workings of the farm life. The pigs and their piglets, also came to visit and kept us constantly entertained with their antics around the farm.  We watched as they would come up to the smaller dam outside our cottage and dig with their snouts in the muddy waters searching for food. The piglets were always following their moms so that they could suckle. They really "pigged" out on any fruit or veg the farmer would bring for their meal that day. Some of the animals were rescued and came to Good Hope Guest Farm in search of a happier existence. In addition to the pigs, a variety of other animals can be spotted either roaming freely or in paddocks such as a donkey, horses, lambs, goats, peacocks and peahens, chickens, turkey, guinae fowl, a variety of bird life and of course any number of dogs and most probably a whole bunch of other creatures, which we did not see. 

Free-Range Pigs and Piglets at Good Hope Farm and Guest Cottages

If you are more energetic you can take pleasure in the any number of other activities offered at Good Hope Guest Farm, such a mountain biking, hiking, trail runs, kayaking on the dams or chilling in the swimming pool. A collection of various different types of accommodation are available to suit your requirements and a farm shop to cater to your belly.

Pigs, Peacocks and Birds on the Good Hope Farm and Guest Cottages

The weather averaged around 22 degrees Celsius, not too hot nor too cold with such breathtakingly blue skies due to the lack of pollution in the area. We enjoyed a BBQ each night and gazed upon the spectacular stars wishing that our stay could be pro-longed just a little longer so that we could luxuriate in this other world. 

Farm Workers and  Old/New Machinery at Good Hope Farm and Guest Cottages

If you are looking for a place to unplug and unwind, I would definitely recommend a visit to Good Hope Farm and Guest Cottages. 


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