29 December 2016



Welcome to 2017

This 2017 Monthly Calendar is free for you to download when you join The Art of Creativity Studio Club. Sign up on the pop up and your freebie will be delivered to your inbox. If you are a Club Member already, then you will have received an email with a direct link to our Unique Handcrafted 2017 Monthly Calendar.

 Download the calendar and print it as many times as you like. Perhaps one for the family or Birthdays or even to schedule your social media posts.  Attach it to a clipboard or a trouser hanger as a Wall Calendar or punch holes and add it to a folder as a desk calendar. Look out for our 2017 Weekly Calendar, which can be added to our Monthly Calendar, coming soon! 

What's included: 
Instant digital download in high-resolution PDF
Stylish patterns on the header for each month of 2017

I'd like to end with a verse which epitomises the way I feel for 2017.

"New Year ~  A new chapter,
New verse
Just the same old story?
Ultimately, we write it.
The choice is ours."
~ Alex Morritt

My choice for 2017 is to embrace the new chapters of my life, of which, I know, there be many.
What are your choices?

Have a great start to the New Year xxx Shirley

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