19 October 2014


There is so much that goes into starting a new venture and each day as I research, I discover that I have so much to learn. Luckily, I have had previous experience in starting a new business and this has assisted me in knowing where to look for the relevant information I require to get started, however, there is constantly new information that one must arm yourself with to keep in the market.

Firstly, for me was coming up with a name which represented what I do and how I feel about my work. Developing my logo and all, in the meanwhile working on my creativity and producing the products I ultimately want to sell. Also, thinking about packaging and pricing. Using a courier service and setting up a payment method. 

Next was setting up a Facebook page and this blog.  The next step will be, as I mentioned in my last post, an online store/website to sell my products, which I'm still researching. Obviously a Pinterest account because who isn't addicted to Pinterest and maybe a Linkedin account. 

This week has been frustrating as my internet has been down, and I have not been able to proceed as planned. How we have become so dependent on the Net... So, I'm sitting here using my iPhone to at least keep my blog posts updated. Telkom keep assuring me that my line has been restored when in fact it has not! Time, I think, that I changed my line to my Internet service provider, Afrihost who are extremely helpful and on call 24/7. In addition, for some or other reason I cannot connect to FB on my iPhone either (hair pulling).  

This all to shall pass and hopefully I'll be able to continue on my journey of creating a network for The Art of Creativity of one that I will be proud to be associated with and most importantly one that you my followers and supporters will be part of. 

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