2 April 2015


It has been a long absence due to family matters, however, I'm hoping that those issues are now resolved and I can continue with my Creativity. I have missed working in my studio and look forward to returning to it soon.

I created this painting last year in honour of our family pet, Hopsy. Whilst living in the UAE, my children had been desperate for a pet, and continued to nag us for one. We have always had pets and obviously my husband and I eventually gave in, as a home without pets is a lonely one. Not long after we said okay did we inherited a tortoise, Chloe and soon after, Hopsy was added to the family. However, they were adamant that they also wanted a dog. Strays of Abu Dhabi was where we fell in love with Snowy, a Saluki and she joined our family of pets. 

Sadly, before the children and I left the UAE, Hopsy passed away. This is a tribute to her as she gave us much joy in her short time on earth.  Unfortunately, Chloe was not able to travel with us and she found a new home. Snowy is currently living the life in Cape Town, with us, and enjoys her walks on the beach. 

Wishing you all a Blessed Easter and much joy and happiness with your loved ones over the Easter break.