22 April 2015



What are you doing for Earth Day?

Earth Day celebrates it's 45th anniversary and you can find out how you can make a difference from your own home, It's our turn to Lead

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of presenting an up-cycle workshop to a group of kiddies at the Reach for a Dream Camp Sunshine.

We used the charity money tins (these are used to collect money from various establishments to raise money for this very worthy charity who make Dreams come true for terminally ill children).  As the tins had just be counted, by me (part of my volunteer work for Reach for a Dream) and they were just lying around, I thought what better way to re-use them at the same charity and show the kiddies how they can make their own pencil holders.

I prepared the coloured sugar paper just a little bigger than the tins.  The kiddies then glued it to the tin and overlapped the top edge to give it a neat finish.  They then decorated the tins as they pleased.

Another up-cycle was using the washed juice bottles from the camp as a 'message in a bottle' project.  The kiddies filled the bottle with sand, some small shells collected from the beach, wrote a message and placed it in the bottle and then decorated the outside of the bottle with some googly eyes and other bits and bobs.

We had a fun-filled day and they got to walk away with up-cycled goodies that they could put to good use and we prevented these products from landing up in the landfill. 

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