28 April 2015


ADULT COLOURING THERAPY, is this season's trend

I hear you asking: "What is Adult Colouring Therapy?

Why did we ever stop colouring in? Were you told that colouring in, arts & crafts were only for children? Well, if you are like me and life has become so stressful then colouring is your answer.
Think back to when you were a youngster, and how relaxed and in the zone you were, when you were colouring. I know that it was one of my favourite past-times and I have even kept one or two of my childhood colouring books for posterity reasons.

If you don't have the time for Arts and Crafts, and the expense of all the materials, go buy yourself an adult colouring book or download the images from my Pinterest Page: Adult Colouring Therapy 

Make yourself a cup of coffee or in my case, a cup of tea, switch off all the distractions and devices and find your inner child who is waiting to be unleashed and colour away all your stresses.  Adult colouring is not only for every adult who needs a creative outlet, but for any adult who needs to de-stress.  In Fact, Therapists suggest colouring for personal development and relaxation.

You will find colouring pages from Mehndi Designs to Nature Mandalas, SteamPunk Designs to Tessellation Patterns, Art Nouveau to Floral Designs, and the list goes on. The designs are more intricate, hence they are more for Adults than for Children.  There's no right or wrong way and each page, even if you colour the same image, will yield a different coloured in image depending on your mood and materials used.

Some of you will use the traditional crayons, however, why stop at that? Why not try pastels, colouring pencils, watercolour pencils, markers or even glitter pens. Download the image on different types of paper, such as watercolour paper or card stock or even textured papers. Don't forget to place a scrap piece of paper/wax paper behind the page you're working on, to prevent any bleed through.

Let the Magic begin....

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"Every child is an artist. 
The problem is staying
 an artist when you grow up." 

- Pablo Picasso 

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