30 June 2016



Ever wondered what it would be like to have an overview all your fonts?

I have over 1500 fonts installed on my Mac and land up only using the ones that I know, as I just don't have the time to scroll through and test all 1500 of them every time I create a new project.

Now, as we are creatives that means we are visual, well, I certainly am and I like to see what the chosen font will look actually like and not have to type a word or sentence for each and every font that I think I might like for my project.  Luckily for me and you, Print my Fonts by Stefan Trost Media has created a software program which does just that for us and best of all, it is for FREE.  You can of course make a donation, which would greatly assist them, for future programs.

It's easy to install, if you wish to do so or you can just utilise the tool as is. Download the program, install the software, which is compatible for both Mac & PC, and open it.  It will look like this image below.  You can then check which boxes you would like printed.  I chose these.  "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog", if you did not know, it uses all the letters of the alphabet, therefore you are able to see how each letter will look for your desired font.

Font identifier, font software program, font library
Install Print My Font Tool

I decided to not print all 108 pages but rather save all 108 pages as a PDF as I am constantly adding new fonts and would then waste a lot of paper reprinting the list each time.  I saved it as a PDF which you can do by sending it to the printer, however, it has a box that gives you an option to save it as a PDF rather than selecting the Print option.

font, font identifier, font tool
Print My Font Print or Save Option

The great thing about saving it as a PDF is that it has a search button.  Start typing in a font name and it will highlight the one you're looking for or alternatively you can now scroll through the list and SEE which font you want as it is now already displayed in it's style. This is an easier and quicker way to overview your fonts in a list form and is now on-hand for all your future creative projects.

Font Identifier, font library, fonts
Print My Font Database

Or you can rather type in the text directly with the Print My Font Tool to view in a specific font within your font library, as seen below, instead of saving or printing the list.

Font, fonts, tool, font identifier, font overview
Stefan Trost Media- Print My Font Tool

Inclusive of this one, there are many other features to explore, read more here.

PrintMyFont, font, fonts, font library
Print My Font Features

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Wishing you a very creative week