2 June 2016



Wow! What an amazing trip which was way too short to experience the beauty of this culturally rich city.

DH and I set off on Etihad Airways, Business Class. One of the few perks of flying for an airline is that one receives discounted tickets. We flew into Milan and took the Malpensa Express to Milano Centrale where we then boarded the Italia Rail to Venice.  It was all rather exciting, as we had never been to Venice before. 

Venice is built on over 100 small islands with canals, which snake through the city, no cars only boats and no roads only alleyways and small squares. The buildings were not built directly on the islands but rather upon wooden platforms supported by wooden stakes driven into the ground, hence it is known as the Floating City and is unfortunately, sinking 2mm per annum.

Venice Map
Map of Venice
Here are some highlights of our Romantic 4 day/3 night stay in Venice. We checked into the Hotel L'Orologio (meaning clocks), which is centrally located, on the Grand Canal, has very helpful and friendly staff and best of all, well for me, that is ;-) is that Prosecco was included with breakfast.  

Flowers, seafood, spices, vegetables
Venetian Markets
The Venetian Markets are superb, with such fresh seafood, fruits & veggies, beautiful flowers, fragrant spices, and of course all the tourist souvenirs on offer. One can only be overwhelmed by all the choices on offer. Not forgetting to mention the famous creative handmade glasswork by Murano Glass, as seen below. 

Murano Glass
Murano Handmade Glass

Basilica, Piazza, San Marco, Venice, Italy
Basilica & Piazza San Marco
The Basilica San Marco, situated on the Piazza San Marco, (main public square of Venice) is the most famous of the city's Cathedral Churches. The Piazza San Marco, as seen flooding during

Architectural Capitals, Doge Palace, Venice, Italy
Doge Palace Capitals
Above are some of the Capital's from the magnificent Doge's Palace from where once Venice was ruled from.

Venetian Gardens
Quaint Venetian Gardens 
One only has to meander the alleyways to be in awe of all the Unique Venetian Gothic, Moorish and Byzantine Architecture. Truth be told, I took over 1000 photo's on our Italian Trip as there was just so much to be inspired by.
Venetian Doors
Venetian Doors
Venetian Post Boxes
Venetian Post Boxes

Venetian Door Handles
Venetian Door Handles
Venetian Locks
Venetian Locks
Venetian Homes, Venetian Canals, Venetian Architecture
Venetian Homes and Canals
The Grand Canal is home to many forms of transport, for example; water buses (vaporetti), private and public water taxis, public services such as ambulances, police, postal and market boats, including amongst others stand-up paddles, rowing boats, etc. and of course, the famous Gondolas, used nowadays for romantic sightseeing purposes.

Venetian Transport, Boats
Venetian Transport

Venetian Bridges, Rialto Bridge
Venetian Bridges
The Rialto Bridge (main image) is one of the oldest bridges and one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal. Millions of tourists visit and photograph this famous bridge. There are many smaller bridges over the various smaller canals allowing you access to all the islands. 

Venetian Signs
Venetian Signage
As one either travels by boat or by foot, signage is of utmost importance and there is no shortage of signs to inform you of where you are or where you are headed. Nonetheless, it was still advisable for us to carry a map to navigate the alleys.  

Venetian Masks
Venetian Masks
The very colourful ornate Venetian Masks are a centuries-old tradition which were used to conceal the wearers identity and are still traditionally used during the annual Carnival of Venice

Venetians, People of Venice
Last but not least are the Venetians, struggling to hold onto their identity and unique city. They are far and few between the millions of tourists whom have taken over the city.

I was extremely fortunate and elated that I had had the opportunity to experience this Magical City.

Watch out for:
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