23 June 2016


The Art of Creativity Studio Community Pinterest Board

The Art of Creativity Studio Community Pinterest Board
The Art of Creativity Studio Community Pinterest Board

At The Art of Creativity Studio we have opened a Community Pinterest Board.  We welcome Creative Contributors to Pin your Handmade Arts and Crafts from your Website, Blog or Online Shop. We encourage you to share industry-specific tips, training materials and resources.  The Pins must only relate to HANDMADE Arts and Crafts, otherwise you will be removed.

You can sign-up via our Pinned Facebook Page Post by first following The Art of Creativity Studio's Pinterest and Liking our Facebook Page, we will do the same.  In the comments section on our Facebook Page, please add your Pinterest Profile and you will be added as a Creative Contributor.  After that you will receive a request from us to join as a Contributor on our Community Pinterest Board. You will need to accept this request to add Pins. This Board will then show up on your Pinterest profile.

Please note that we will not add you as a Creative Contributor if your profile does not meet the above requirements and you will be removed if you do not comply with the above requirements. Once you have been accepted as a Creative Contributor you will be able to add other Creative Contributors in the same way.  You may use this Blog Post in your posts to share how to grow our Handmade Community.

This Community Board has been created so that we, as Creatives, can share and learn from each other by adding Pins that add value to our Creative process.  Remember to also share your work, your products and other pins that you think we would all benefit from.

We are looking forward to growing our Creative Community on OUR Community Board.

Happy sharing ;-)