24 February 2016



To follow on from last week's post where I commented: "I must admit that I am becoming both very nervous and excited to start my next chapter, which has taken me forever..... And the reason why I'm ACTUALLY starting will be in my next Blog Post....."

Well, here it is! I'm putting myself out there.... I have been reading this inspiring book: "I'd Rather Be in the Studio by Alyson Stanfield The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion."

Alyson, an Art-Marketing Guru, offers sound advice, a wealth of ideas, tips and encouragement that I'm sure that I will be referring to this book, over and over again. 

Her mission is to Empower us Artists and to say Goodbye to those Excuses and say HELLO to our new found Success, therefore each chapter ends with a summary (a "no-excuse principle") and a gentle nudge (a "no-excuse action").

For so long, I have doubted my ability to promote my work for so many reasons, which Alyson regards as excuses. Some of the Excuses are: "There aren't enough hours in the day to do it all," (Previously, one of my excuses....) and "I don't know where to begin."  So where to begin? Well, for starters, I have begun by reading her book (a move in the right direction, no doubt, otherwise I would not be self-promoting, here). What to do next? Well, that would be to follow her suggestions and perhaps this will be a challenge on my part to make my voice heard, as my art is my voice. "I am an Artist, I Make Art," is just one of the many words of encouragement from Alyson. 

It is great to be self-employed, however, goals and boundaries do need to be set. It is time to get out of that comfort zone and to be taken seriously and not just muddle along. All the while, wondering why you are not growing as an Artist and remaining as a Hobbyist only gifting art for family and friends! I have to become more self-disciplined, which means that I have to set regular studio hours and to use this sacred time, actually creating art. I need to ensure that my Art comes First before marketing does, as one actually needs a product to market before marketing it. Then set aside an hour or so, everyday, marketing my Creations.  All the "other" stuff (domestics, chores, etc.) can wait, as they can be done after studio hours and they always have to get done, anyway.

If you have not read her book and you are making excuses for self-promotion then I suggest that you download her book and start reading today. In addition, you can find ongoing support on her website: ArtBizCoach

I will be using this book as my Self-Promotion objective as I really don't want to be that cliché artist who starves because I'm too afraid to market myself, therefore, I would like you, my audience, to appreciate and buy my work for your pleasure as much as it is my pleasure to create it.