8 September 2016




What an exciting 2 weeks ;-) this has been.  Last week my Etsy Online Store: TheArtOfCreativityCo was launched and on the 1st of September 2016, my Website The Art of Creativity Studio went live.

Now with no background knowledge on Web-design or Graphic Design for that matter, I think that I have succeeded in producing a pretty awesome Website all by myself (pats on the back).

Afrihost registered my domain, is hosting my site and helped me with the initial set-up.  The rest was up to me and it was so simple to put together.  If you can write a blog, you can set-up a Website with Afrihost, it's that easy. Don't be intimidated by the back-end of building your website, it's just like writing a word document or blog post.  Really, there is no need to ask someone else to build your website over which you have very little control. At least with Afrihost's website builder, you are in control and therefore can change anything at anytime with a click of a button.  And, the best part, is that you only pay a monthly fee and can cancel at anytime (should you need to).  There is no contract involved and no major expense of someone else setting it up for you.  Afrihost offer have various packages and you can even upgrade or downgrade for that matter, so definitely a package to suit everyones needs.  In addition, you get a few hours of help included (should you need that) and a few hundred email addresses to setup in accordance to your website domain name.  All of this really does help you look more professional.  Pop on over to my site and see for yourself.

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