16 September 2016




A #hashtag is used primarily on social media networks for users to find a specific category. The hash character #, also known as the pound sign or number sign is placed in front of a phrase or keyword. A #hashtag would therefore be a way to mark something as belonging to that specific content. These #hashtags are archived in search engines with that phrase/keywork making it easy for users to find that specific content. 

The first #hashtag was used by Chris Messina on Twitter in August 2007 and subsequently the #hashtag became popular on that social media platform. It was not long after that, that many other Social Media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Google+ adopted the #hashtag. I will, however highlight the use of the #hashtag on Instagram.


Most users will use #hashtags so as to include their images/keywords into that specific search content, allowing people to easily click on that specific #hashtag and search for their work. For example, if you Google search for #theartofcreativitystudio you will find all the images that I have #hashtagged with that phrase, i.e., my brand. It is important that there are no spaces in-between the words otherwise it will only #hashtag the word next to it or not # hashtag if there is a space.  
It is important to use #hashtags which relate to your business, products and target audience. You do not want your brand to be associated with #hashtags that will tarnish your brand.  The best would be to search the #hashtag that you are wanting to use, before you use it in your post, allowing you to check that it is an acceptable #hashtag.  The use of #hashtags within your brand will certainly help you to increase your followers. 
The number of #hashtags used is a personal choice and dependant on the image posted, however, a good rule of thumb is probably between 6 to 8, to keep it consistent and to engage with your desired followers. Followers will be searching specific #keywords and #trendinghashtags. These followers will hopefully turn into loyal customers, purchasing your products and following you on all your social platforms.  
Do note that in order to #hashtag your business you do need to set up an account on Instagram.  It is important to be consistent with all your branding and to use the same business name throughout all your social media platforms.  This makes it easier for your followers/customers to search for you. A specific #hashtag can only be associated with your brand if you use a unique business name such as I have done, #theartofcreativitystudio.  If you are struggling with a Brand Name which is already taken, add another word to your brand to make it unique, such as Studio or Co. 
Also note that #hashtagging a #brand and #hashtagging a #keyword will associate your brand accordingly. Therefore if you #brandname or #keyword your image/product/brand will show within that #search. Generally, a #brandname will have an @brandname associated with it. The @ (at sign) is when you Tag someone or a business, it is not the same as a #hashtag, this is my @theartofcreativitystudio and is unique to my brand on Instagram and on Facebook
Create a list of #hashtags you frequently use. Click here to find out which are some of the #hashtags I use with my Instagram Account: @theartofcreativitystudio

Which hashtags do you use?

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