30 March 2016


Wine Label and Birthday Card


My Hubby celebrated his 50th on the 27th of March and we will be celebrating 25 years of married life on the 6th of April. We have lived in 3 countries, South Africa, Mauritius and Abu Dhabi, and within those countries we have moved more times than I care to count.  With all the adventures we have had, life has had a way of creeping up on us and here we are now...

Chalkboard inspired Poster

Party Props

I had no idea what to buy my DH (Darling Husband) for his birthday nor what to get him for our 25th, grrr.  He is an A380 Captain and pretty much buys what he wants, when he wants, as the world is his oyster for gifts.  Nonetheless, there is one thing that I can do, and that is be creative.... I turned to Pinterest for additional ideas and these are what I created for my beloved on my Silhouette Cameo for his Party.

He was in Cape Town on the 6th of March, to ride the Cape Town Cycle Tour, 110 km's (with a newer, faster bicycle he had bought for his Birthday). See....something he just bought for himself, because he needed it.... Leaving me scratching my head some more with what to buy him.... As you may have gathered, I live in the Cape and he lives in Abu Dhabi and we have been commuting for the last 5 years, until our daughter Matriculates and then I will return to Abu Dhabi, until he RETIRES.....

Anyway,  I thought that this day would be a great excuse to host a party.  I hired a chef who cooked a delicious lamb on the spit, roast vegetables and salad, and I made the snacks and dessert. Of course, lots of wine was consumed, we do live in the Cape after all.  It was a memorable occasion with much laughter and fun had by all.

As I write this post, I am still scratching my head as to what to get him, but think that I may have stumbled upon an idea: An Aircraft Window Photo Frame now I just need to make a plan to courier it to the UAE.